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Small Pickup Trucks

Affordable Small Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are also known as bakkies in South Africa. These are utility vehicles with a loading bay at the rear and the single-cab versions are mostly used as workhorses. The load box can be used to transport large and heavy items or payloads in industrial, farming, and commercial applications. However, these vehicles tend to be large, heavy, and expensive. This can cause a problem for smaller businesses in need of small pickup trucks or mini-loaders.

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Mini Trucks

Changan’s Single-Cab Mini Trucks

Pick-up trucks are more commonly known as bakkies in South Africa. These utility vehicles are popular among the locals, because they can serve as daily transport, yet haul a load on the back. When we look at commercial and industrial vehicles, many are large and expensive. They have more room for transporting larger loads, or so common wisdom dictates. Now, there are mini trucks in South Africa that can haul big loads too. This is where Changan SA comes into the picture.

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Double-Cab Trucks

Changan’s Double-Cab Range

South Africa has a unique and challenging business environment and economy. Besides these challenges, new vehicles – which every business needs – are very expensive. Commercial and industrial businesses have a hard time finding affordable transport vehicles. Some try to negotiate sponsorship deals with leading manufacturers – or they simply buy second-hand – to afford vehicles. Luckily, Changan SA has an affordable alternative to give you the most vehicle for your money – and it does not involve buying used!

The Changan Star III offers a viable platform for commercial and industrial light- to medium-duty transport. This platform offers three vehicle configurations and these are single- and double-cab variants, as well as a closed minivan model. The minivan is available with a 5-seat crew-cab layout or as a 2-seat panel van. However, if you want small trucks for your company, the single- and double-cab variants are ideal. With affordability being the focus at Changan SA, these vehicles offer basic and proven designs over bells and whistles; however, the LUX models can be great daily drivers as well.

When it comes to double-cab trucks and bakkies, there is a myriad of choices in South Africa – most of them large and expensive. This wide selection is a direct result of the sheer popularity of this type of vehicle here. Changan throws its hat in the ring as well with the Star III double-cab standard and LUX models. However, whereas a normal double cab’s rear wheel arches impinge on load space, the Star III has a flatbed with fold-away drop sides. This flatbed design is unobstructed and far more practical than a regular load bay with just one tailgate at the back. Best of all, the little truck can handle a total payload of up to 1 t!

The Star III double-cab truck can work hard all day and use little fuel with it. The 1,2-ℓ engine consumes only 7,8 ℓ/100 km, with a 40-ℓ fuel tank to avoid having to stop for fuel too frequently. It features a 5-speed manual gearbox with disc brakes at the front. The LUX model adds fog lights, air-conditioning, central locking, electric windows, and speakers to the standard double-cab truck’s specification. With excellent value thanks to extremely competitive prices, the Star III double-cab gives you brand-new bakkie at a low-low price.

Changan SA offers a selection of affordable commercial and industrial transportation solutions for your business. If you want to get the most for what you are paying, our Star III series will deliver a cost-effective solution for daily use. Contact us directly for any further information on our selection of double-cab trucks or browse the website for specifications.

Small Trucks for Sale

We Offer Economical Small Trucks for Sale

Whether it is industrial or commercial, all types of businesses need an affordable transportation solution. Many businesses require a vehicle that can carry a respectable load with low running costs. These vehicles can be expensive to buy, especially full-size bakkies. However, Changan SA offers a range of small trucks for sale at very reasonable prices – and they can carry a full tonne! Our range includes single- and double-cab options, as well as a minivan model. Our utility vehicles give you the most bang for your buck.

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Mini Trucks

Affordable Commercial Mini Trucks

Commercial vehicles, bakkies, and pickup trucks are commonly used for pickup and delivery purposes. These workhorses usually feature a simple design to maximise functionality but are often based on full-size 1-tonne bakkie platforms, so they are expensive. Commercial mini trucks offer an affordable alternative for businesses to take care of their pickup and delivery work in a far more cost-effective way. This is where Changan SA offers a viable solution for the South African market.

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Compact Pickup Trucks

More Truck for Your Buck

Compact mini trucks are ideal hauling vehicles for many businesses. These vehicles are smaller than regular pickups or bakkies and usually purpose-built around specific applications. Comfort is not a determining factor with a compact mini truck, neither is a long list of added features and extras. These vehicles are measured on their ability to successfully transport a selection of products and materials at maximum cost-efficiency. Their prices must be low to match their utility and design, making them viable options, especially for small businesses.

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Buy Commercial Vehicle

Buy A Commercial Vehicle

If you have a business, you need a vehicle fleet for your daily operations. When looking to buy a commercial vehicle, price can be a deciding factor. It might be an expensive venture, but a necessary expense in the end. Commercial vehicles come in different shapes and sizes, catering for specific purposes for your business requirements. Changan SA specialises in commercial vehicles in South Africa.

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Buy A Commercial Van

Buy A Commercial Van from Changan SA

Minivans are commonly used for commercial transportation purposes. They are also very useful people carriers, making them versatile vehicles that can be great for your business. When looking to buy a commercial van, the options are often limited and they can be expensive. Luckily, Changan SA is here to break the mould and offer an affordable option regarding commercial minivans. We also offer single cab and double cab versions of the Star III, giving you more than enough options to choose from within our vehicle family.

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